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Stupid dogs!

The game had some moments where it jump scared me!  The objectives were good to :)

It's fun, funny, and sometime gets pretty scary. Unfortunately it seems like it takes a lot to get to the interesting parts, as the first 2 nights are so slow and drawn out that it almost becomes a bore to get through them.

Night 3 onward is where the game really starts to shine, as the action becomes frantic as you run from room to room, juggling lights, finding weird physics glitches, and thinking you're seeing stuff out of the corner of your eye. 

Overall I'd say give it a try, but don't let the slowness of the first 20 minutes ruin what can be a fun hour. Thanks!

Thank you for your video. You can expect changes next month!

Fun little game!

Hey. That was really funny. Thanks!

Really cool idea, I like the supervisor.